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The Benefits of Practicing Dentistry in a Small Town

Did you know that people living in rural small towns often drive more than an hour to see a dentist? The Federal Government and many states offer incentive programs for dentists who agree topractice in high-need areas. When taken advantage of the programs reduce student loan debt significantly. In instances where loan forgiveness isn’t necessary large sign-on bonuses are offered. Participating Dentists must agree to practice in the location for two to four years (dependent upon the program). During the first 10 years of practice, dentists who practice in a Small Town will typically experience the following in comparison to… Read More »

Buying a Dental Practice: How One Decision Saved My A** and Likely, My Career

Dr. Rebekkah Merrell I graduated from dental school, so I’m smart, right? A few years after finishing my residency, I decided I wanted to own my own practice. I was trapped working for a corporate practice that made me hate going to work everyday. I was itching for a change and fast. I began looking for practices to purchase in my ideal location. I would see a practice come on the market, and by the time I heard back from the listing agent, the practice would be under contract. I was frustrated and desperate. After multiple requests for practice information,… Read More »

Diagnosis by Insurance Company – Can we do anything about it?

Should Dental Associations and Organizations dedicate resources to creating PSA’s to educate law makers about the flagrant ways Dental insurance companies are undermining the relationship between you and your patients? Examples: 1) Letters sent to your patients inferring that your fees are too high and encouraging your patients to seek care from a dentist on the insurance company’s preferred provider list. 2) Undermining your diagnosis and treatment recommendations by providing coverage for alternative treatment, or denying coverage completely, again inferring your treatment recommendation is out of line. Should the ADA become more involved in the battle against insurance companies? They… Read More »

What you need to know if you want to own a Dental Practice

Whether you’re planning to own a practice, or you already do, this article is for you. You won’t likely receive the following information in Dental School, in Residency or as an Associate Dentist.   Reality Bites:  It does not matter how much you love your team or how much they love you, they will never care as much about the success of your practice as you do. You may believe they do and they may believe they do, but why should they? It wouldn’t make sense. It’s YOUR NAME on the door, on your license, and on your loans. YOU are, the one person,ultimately responsible for the Success… Read More »

What Successful Dental Practice Owners Know and Do

Successful Dentists know their Practice Numbers.  They know the numbers to review, how to obtain them and why they’re important. They hire a bookkeeper or an accountant to handle business financials and review the profit and loss report monthly or quarterly (at the latest) Let the professionals handle payroll and payroll taxes, saving money and headaches. Successful practice owners have procedures in place for deposits. More than 50% of Dental practices experience embezzlement at some point and most victims do not prosecute because they’re embarrassed. The embezzler goes on to work in another practice and embezzles again. The most successful practice owners Review the… Read More »

Why “People before Profits”?

Still on my mind – After returning from the ADA and ADMC (Academy of Dental Management Consultants) meetings last October, one message was forefront on my mind and it hasn’t gone away. The message is “People before Profits”. I realize this message can be viewed in different ways. In the context in which I heard it, it means; “put your People first, and Profits will follow”.  You teach people how to treat you. With this in mind, treating people well does not mean that you should allow them to take advantage of you. Certainly, stand firm in your expectation of… Read More »

Helping Patients understand and accept needed Treatment

Education and a Sense of Urgency are paramount when providing needed treatment to a patient. Sit down and look your patient in the eye to discuss your diagnosis and the treatment recommendation. This will increase their level of trust in you, and substantially increase your treatment plan acceptance rate. Use an intraoral camera to show patients what you see, and if you have it available, show an educational video relating to their treatment needs. Patients must understand that there are consequences of NOT having needed treatment. Educate, Motivate, Communicate and be considerate. These actions will earn you the respect and… Read More »

The Two Most Under-utilized Words in Business are

The Dental Industry is no exception. Throughout my career as a Consultant, I’ve spent countless hours with dental team members and one of the questions I ask is, “what aspect of your job gives you the most satisfaction”? Recently, I placed a poll on Social Media asking which of the following is most important to dental team members: Compensation, Appreciation, Relationships with Co-Workers or Other. The number one answer by far, has always been Appreciation. While monetary compensation is important to all, the overwhelming majority chose Appreciation. Consider this – How often to do you say Thank You to Patients?… Read More »

How Does Efficiency Save Dental Practices Money?

Running a Successful Dental Practice is Stressful. You take good care of your patients and run a business too. You don’t take enough down time to enjoy your family and friends or to just put your feet up and close your eyes. It has been proven that stress can lower the immune system and make us more vulnerable to becoming ill. Who has time for that? Not you and not me! So, today I want to share our number one tip for lowering stress in your dental practice. I’ll sum it up in one word; Efficiency. Efficiency comes from having… Read More »

What Will Set Your Practice Apart in 2017?

What Will Set Your Practice Apart is the quality of “customer service” your patients receive. Providing Great service in a Caring Environment will turn a First Visit into a Loyal Patient for years to come. Your Patient’s Experience with your office isn’t solely based on what happens during their dental appointments. Their initial impression is formed during the first Phone Call or Email interaction. They form a deeper impression the moment they enter your door. Here are a few, easy to implement, tips to take your Patient Experience from Good to Great! 1) Have phones answered before the third ring and by… Read More »

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