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1) Increase your fees every year. Why? Because you will never receive an increased in reimbursement rate if you don’t increase your fees and bill at your own UCR. Practices that bill their UCR do receive an increase in reimbursement rates from time to time. It really does happen! 2) Bill your UCR and adjust off what is not allowed. Again, if you don’t bill your fee (UCR), you will never receive an increase in reimbursement. Also, this is the correct way to bill insurance. To do otherwise manipulates practice numbers and collection percentages. Dental practices are losing tens of… Read More »

The Benefits of Practicing Dentistry in a Small Town

Did you know that people living in rural small towns often drive more than an hour to see a dentist? The Federal Government and many states offer incentive programs for dentists who agree topractice in high-need areas. When taken advantage of the programs reduce student loan debt significantly. In instances where loan forgiveness isn’t necessary large sign-on bonuses are offered. Participating Dentists must agree to practice in the location for two to four years (dependent upon the program). During the first 10 years of practice, dentists who practice in a Small Town will typically experience the following in comparison to… Read More »

What you need to know if you want to own a Dental Practice

Whether you’re planning to own a practice, or you already do, this article is for you. You won’t likely receive the following information in Dental School, in Residency or as an Associate Dentist.   Reality Bites:  It does not matter how much you love your team or how much they love you, they will never care as much about the success of your practice as you do. You may believe they do and they may believe they do, but why should they? It wouldn’t make sense. It’s YOUR NAME on the door, on your license, and on your loans. YOU are, the one person,ultimately responsible for the Success… Read More »

Why “People before Profits”?

Still on my mind – After returning from the ADA and ADMC (Academy of Dental Management Consultants) meetings last October, one message was forefront on my mind and it hasn’t gone away. The message is “People before Profits”. I realize this message can be viewed in different ways. In the context in which I heard it, it means; “put your People first, and Profits will follow”.  You teach people how to treat you. With this in mind, treating people well does not mean that you should allow them to take advantage of you. Certainly, stand firm in your expectation of… Read More »

How Does Efficiency Save Dental Practices Money?

Running a Successful Dental Practice is Stressful. You take good care of your patients and run a business too. You don’t take enough down time to enjoy your family and friends or to just put your feet up and close your eyes. It has been proven that stress can lower the immune system and make us more vulnerable to becoming ill. Who has time for that? Not you and not me! So, today I want to share our number one tip for lowering stress in your dental practice. I’ll sum it up in one word; Efficiency. Efficiency comes from having… Read More »

What Will Set Your Practice Apart in 2017?

What Will Set Your Practice Apart is the quality of “customer service” your patients receive. Providing Great service in a Caring Environment will turn a First Visit into a Loyal Patient for years to come. Your Patient’s Experience with your office isn’t solely based on what happens during their dental appointments. Their initial impression is formed during the first Phone Call or Email interaction. They form a deeper impression the moment they enter your door. Here are a few, easy to implement, tips to take your Patient Experience from Good to Great! 1) Have phones answered before the third ring and by… Read More »

Are you a Manager or a Leader?

There is a Difference Between Managing a Team and leading one. Leaders don’t simply ensure tasks are completed; Leaders inspire with actions.   Tips to Providing Leadership for your Team Good leadership skills are important for all Business Owners and Managers. I want to share with you some skills I believe to be important to a Successful Dental Practice. Walk your Talk. If you want your employees to care about your practice; You must show that you care. Showing up to work late on a consistent basis sets a bad precedent. If you want your team to be on time,… Read More »

Benefits of a Small-Town vs. Big-Town Practice

The following article was written by our Founder, Mary Fisher-Day, exclusively for Dental Entrepreneur Magazine and appears in the Fall, 2016 issue and the online edition Here.  There’s plenty to be said of the benefits of living and practicing in a big city or Metropolitan area. Proximity to upscale dining, Cultural Activities and Shopping Malls are at the top of the list when I speak with a young dentist seeking to purchase a practice. Easily, nine out of ten are seeking a practice no further than a thirty-minute drive from a large city. While practicing in a large city does… Read More »

Oral Cancer… Is your team educated on the fastest growing cancer in the US?

In North America someone dies every hour of everyday from Oral Cancer. Yet, according to the National Cancer Institute only 20% of the US population receive Oral Cancer exams. The ADA recommends Oral Cancer Screenings be performed annually on every patient over the age of 17. Although tobacco and alcohol use are still primary causes of Oral Cancer, the last 15 years has seen a 60% increase in Oral Cancer in adults under the age of 40. The primary cause for this increase is the HPV virus. Patients place their trust and their lives in the hands of their Dentist.… Read More »

Could Early Morning Dance Parties Boost Productivity?

I recently learned of a dental practice that has two minute dance parties, prior to their morning huddle everyday. The team loves it. Imagine the positive energy this brings to the practice! What do you think? Would this work for your practice? Check out the article below. Early Morning Dance Parties Boosting Productivity -Mary Mary Fisher-Day Founder, The Dental Business (CNN) – Not many people come to work right after a party, but there’s a new movement that’s got people doing just that. They’ve come to get mentally and physically energized before starting their day. “Yoga class was awesome. It… Read More »

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