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Dr. Austin had no idea what was about to happen to his family and his practice when he left for Read more
1) Increase your fees every year. Why? Because you will never receive an increased in reimbursement rate if you don't Read more
Did you know that people living in rural small towns often drive more than an hour to see a dentist? Read more
Dr. Rebekkah Merrell I graduated from dental school, so I’m smart, right? A few years after finishing my residency, I Read more
Mary Fisher-Day
Should Dental Associations and Organizations dedicate resources to creating PSA’s to educate law makers about the flagrant ways Dental insurance Read more
Whether you’re planning to own a practice, or you already do, this article is for you. You won’t likely receive Read more
Successful Dentists know their Practice Numbers.  They know the numbers to review, how to obtain them and why they’re important.They Read more
Put People First and Profit will Follow
Still on my mind – After returning from the ADA and ADMC (Academy of Dental Management Consultants) meetings last October, Read more
Helping patients accept needed treatment
Education and a Sense of Urgency are paramount when providing needed treatment to a patient. Sit down and look your Read more
Thank You!
The Dental Industry is no exception. Throughout my career as a Consultant, I’ve spent countless hours with dental team members Read more

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